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End-of-life car recycling service by Kuusakoski is the fastest way to free and official car recycling

When your car has come to the end of its life - in terms of safety, driving performance and running costs - the right address is Kuusakoski's free* car recycling.

Kuusakoski is an official partner of Finnish Car Recycling Ltd, and our comprehensive service network includes more than 100 collection points and car dismantling stations throughout Finland.


How do I submit a recycling declaration?

The easiest way to submit the recycling declaration can be found (In Finnish). All you need is your online banking credentials or a power of attorney from the vehicle owner. To place an order, you will need to authenticate your identity to ensure that you have the right to scrap the car.

Follow the instructions and fill in your details. Completing the data is quick and easy, it takes about 5minutes. If you need assistance then you can call our Customer Service team free of charge (tel. 080030880).

After logging in, you will need to provide a few details about the car, for example its location and condition. Once you have provided the requested information and confirmed your order, you will receive a tracking link by email. This will allow you to track the progress of your order.

If you have more than one car, please fill in the information for each car separately.

How do I prepare for the collection of my car?

The easiest way for us to pick up your vehicle is for you to provide all the information requested and ensure that it is correct. Make sure that the car to be picked up is accessible by road and that there is enough space around it. This ensures that the car can be picked up safely and without damaging other items. If your car is located on a busy street or road, the customer should ALWAYS contact our Customer Service (tel. 0800 30880) to ensure that the car is easy to pick up. Kuusakoski has the right to cancel the order without compensation if the car cannot be easily collected.

Leave the wheels and tyres in place so that the car can be moved easily. This allows us to carry out the collection in the most environmentally friendly way possible, with a towing vehicle. We can also collect the car without wheels or tyres, in which case we need to use a different collection vehicle. Please indicate at the time of ordering whether the wheels and tyres are in place so that we can come and collect the car with the appropriate equipment. The car must not be parked under power lines or other obstacles. (NOTE The distance between the highest point of the vehicle and the power lines must be at least 6 metres).

When will we collect the car?

Kuusakoski will pick up the car within six (6) working days from the day of the confirmed order. You will be contacted ahead of the pickup.

How do we recycle a car?

The treatment process for end-of-life vehicles consists of pre-treatment, shredding and further processing of the shredded parts.

In the pre-treatment stage we remove the fluids (fuel, oil and other liquids), tyres, battery, catalytic converter and any reusable parts from the vehicle

In the shredding process, the vehicle is processed with a shredder into small pieces, about the size of a fist, and then these are separated. Kuusakoski's processes currently recover more than 95% of the recycled vehicle.

* Free pick-up does not apply to areas North from Oulu, gas, electric or hybrid cars, motorhomes, caravans or trailers.

For more information on these types of vehicles or northerly regions please contact our Customer Service Team (tel. 0800 30880).

By handing over your vehicle to Kuusakoski, you can be sure that recycling will be handled in accordance with the regulations. This includes:

  • the vehicle being removed from the register of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom
  • the owner receiving an official certificate of destruction
  • The certificate removes the owner's responsibilities for the vehicle (vehicle tax, insurance etc.)
  • the vehicle being recycled in compliance with environmental regulations.

If the vehicle is not registered in Finland you can

  • take the vehicle to a Kuusakoski collection point
  • receive a certificate of destruction, allowing you to send it and the vehicle's registration plates to the vehicle registration authority of the country concerned
  • apply for deregistration of the car in the country of registration